Lashes for Days Are Here

There are many people that talk about having fake eyelashes and they always say that they do not last very long. I do not like the idea of having something fake on or near my eyes. I wear contacts and I do not want anything that can scratch my eye or my contacts near my eyeball. There are a lot of people that say it is worth the cost to have Bimatoprost Eyelash extensions and then the upkeep of them. I was hoping that people would be able to help me determine if I could get something else done to my eyelashes to make them look bigger and fuller. I heard that there are ways to get keratin on your lashes and then they follow up with a black mascara. I was hoping that I would be able to learn more about the process but not many people do the process in my area. I would have to go far away in order to have the expensive process done.

It’s over one hundred dollars to get the first process done and it only lasts every six to seven weeks when you need to go back and you get it done as a refresh. I do not think that this is a good thing for me because the more my eyes water the faster it will run. I wear contacts and I know that by wearing contacts it would be harder for me to put my fingers in my eyes. I have to always make sure with the process that I do not touch my eyes for at least six hours. This could be a problem if I have an issue with one of my contacts. I would have to put my fingers in water to wash them before I would touch my eye.