You Get What You See

My mom was talking to me about the different frames that I would get when I was a kid. I had a pair of glasses that looked just like a famous talk show host. She used to wear bright red glasses and she would immediately be noticed when she was out and about. My Lumigan eye drops were really helpful when I needed to fix my eyes when they got dry. I was not ready for the dry eyes to start at such a young age. I was told when I was about ten that I had a disease that made my eyes really dry, and I was going to be in pain if I did not take care of them quick enough. It did feel like I had my eye stuck on the inside to my eye lid. I was hoping that it was going to be an easy thing to feel starting, but I could not stay on top of it because I did not recognize the warning symptoms before my eye was completely dry.

The kids in school were really great at making me feel terrible about myself when I would rub my eye or when I would start to peel my eyeball off of my eyelid. I knew that I wanted to find a way to deal with my eye disease but I did not want to get something that was going to make me stand out even more at school. It was bad enough that I was getting made fun of and if I was going to have to put drops in my eye then it might not be a good thing in front of the other kids because I did not want them to see what I did to fit in as it was hard on me already.