5 Summer Dental Care Tips for Adults

5 Summer Dental Care Tips for Adults

There are numerous articles available on keeping kids’ teeth healthy during summer vacation, but that doesn’t mean parents can overlook their own oral health. With these easy dental care tips, adults can make it through a long, hot summer without any dental emergencies.

Floss Every Day

According to statistics, almost 80{29bbeba8fbf1423bbf6c33394b96c2264509dc6ec7622b48f772de52b3ee7a95} of American adults don’t floss. Don’t become a statistic! Not only does flossing prevent cavities and tooth decay, it reduces the likelihood of gum disease and makes breath fresher. With a healthier mouth, an adult will pay less for dental care in the long term.

Learn About Teeth Straightening Options For Adults

If an adult has a chronic alignment issue or a problem has recently arisen, they should start learning about ways to get relief from overcrowded teeth or an overbite. There are invisible, lingual, ceramic, and traditional braces, and only a dentist can make the right recommendation for safe and effective teeth straightening.

Limit Carbonated Drinks, Especially Before Bedtime

As tasty as a soda is on a hot day, they all contain sugar that work with the bacteria in the mouth to form harmful acid. In turn, the acid attacks the enamel of the teeth, gradually decaying it. If soda is on the menu, drink water afterward to lessen the amount of sugar on the teeth. Finally, don’t go to sleep without brushing.

Use Whiteners Wisely

There are numerous whitening products on store shelves, and advertisements are all over TV. Although it might be tempting to buy the newest and most hyped product, it’s important to proceed carefully. Those interested in teeth whitening should talk to a dentist first, as they know patients’ histories and can recommend products that whiten teeth safely.

Don’t Miss Any Appointments

During the summer, a parent’s calendar can get quite full. When things get busy, it’s easy to reschedule a dental appointment, but there are even more reasons to go on schedule. Oral health is closely linked to overall health, and only a local dentist can help adults keep their mouths healthy. For more information or to schedule a checkup, call the office today.

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