Aesthetic Insure piece

Aesthetic Insure piece


Aesthetic Insure is an industry leading cosmetic insurance company based in Ballybough Dublin. At Aesthetic insure we offer insurance on multiple types of procedures, such as plastic surgery insurance and aesthetic clinic insurance. As well as medical malpractice insurance, aesthetic insure can also provide you with clinic insurance, this will allow you to insure your company’s assets, such as stock, buildings and also equipment, if required. This means that if someone was to break into your premises and steal any stock or equipment, whilst also damaging the building, Aesthetic insurance would have you covered.

Aesthetic insure will also cover public and employee’s liability, which is a legal requirement if you employ staff. Our public liability covers the cost of legal action and compensation claims made against your business if a third party is injured or their property suffers damage while at your business premises or when you are working in their home, office or business property. Also, our employee liability insurance covers you and your business for compensation costs if an employee becomes ill or injured as a result of the work, they do for you. It’s legally required of all businesses with one or more employees.

Aesthetic insure specialize in cosmetic insurance for plastic and cosmetic surgeons. It is vital that surgeons are provided with insurance, incase an accident during a procedure was to happen. Our insurance is designed to protect surgeons from any mishaps. If you are not insured and something was to go wrong your business and income could be at risk. If surgery has gone wrong and a customer makes a claim against you, we are here to help you defend the claim. At aesthetic insure we will use or experience and expertise, and also financial support through indemnity to protect your business, whether you are at fault or not. 

If your business requires cosmetic insurance check us out today online and join our many other happy customers.  

Aesthetic Insure can insure the professional, their clinic and can mitigate the risk that comes with the medical profession, as sometimes things can go wrong and clients will look for liability.

Talk to one of our friendly staff members today and see how we can help protect you as an aesthetic practitioner whilst maintaining a competitive price.

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