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The curious facts about Viagra: How to use it in your daily life

The curious facts about Viagra: How to use it in your daily life

Viagra is widespread among men harassed by ED. Only a few people know that Sildenafil was first introduced by Pfizer in 1992 to treat individuals suffering from various cardiovascular diseases.

Viagra can improve your sexual relationships

Although Viagra over the counter is mostly associated with ED, it can be used for various ailments. Take for instance Cairo, Egypt. In that country, Viagra is used by doctors to improve the intimacy and sex life of married couples. It is well-known that poor sex can lead to unhappy relationships. It was promising that 32 of 32 patients treated with Viagra were able get rid of their sexual problems. They took a mere mnth to get rid of their sexual problems and regain good relationships using this drug. The goal of this investigation was to find the causes of psychological erectile dysfunction. Viagra is prescribed to help families who don’t have sex often or not at all.

Viagra helps fight cancer

The latest scientific research has shown that Viagra can irradicate certain cancer. It works by reducing the growth of tumours and protecting the heart from the damage caused by cancer. But, pure Viagra does not work in the treatment of oncology. It only works when combined with anticancer drugs. The best results Viagra has given in treating prostate cancer are the most appealing. Specialists claim that Viagra doubles the effectiveness of Doxorubicin (used to treat cancer) and is a popular anti-ED drug. These problems can only be treated by a doctor. You will need to consult multiple specialists. You should always follow the instructions given by your doctor after they have prescribed the drug.

Viagra use in the Zoo

Many of the extinct animals that are on the verge of becoming extinct, such as pandas, don’t breed in captivity. These cute animals are not interested in making love to people who gaze at them, according to Zoologists. They are shy! They decided to give Viagra to them and it worked! They had to touch these cuddly bears because females are in heat for three days each year. If the male isn’t having sex, then no mating will occur. This could make this animal more vulnerable to extinction. It is impossible to tell how long pandas have sex when they are in nature. They “love” each others for only 30 seconds in a cage. After taking Viagra, pandas’ sex-process-time reached 20 minutes! It might surprise you to learn that zoologists in China also show pandas “adult movies”. They can have a powerful effect on pandas and be a way to help them.

What is Viagra and Sports?

Certain sportsmen use Viagra over the counter to improve their results. Brandon Marshall, a professional soccer player, says that he has known of famous athletes who use Viagra to get better results. He says that Viagra thins the blood and so, Viagra is taken by men. The reason that sportsmen take the drug is probably because they have better blood flow. Some people believe that certain sports can influence male potency.

Viagra for heart disease problems

Some consider that treating erectile dysfunction with Viagra is strongly prohibited to those who haveheart diseases. Viagra … Read More..