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Medicinal Marijuana and Employment Drug Testing on Short Notice

Medicinal Marijuana and Employment Drug Testing on Short Notice

It is essential to understand that marijuana is legal for both recreational and medical use in some states across the USA. However, if you have THC in urine, blood, or hair after drug screening, your employer can fire you or terminate your contract.

You should remember that legal use of medicinal or recreational weed depends on the state in which you live in. Of course, you have to understand that cannabis is still illegal when it comes to federal law.

The main reason for its legislation is due to medicinal benefits that you will get with it. You can consume it for specific chronic illnesses as well as severe pain that you are experiencing. The idea is to carry a card with yourself, and you will be certified.

However, you will need an appropriate recommendation from your physician that can prescribe medicinal marijuana. The main problem is that THC stays in your system for days and in some cases weeks, which means that you will fail the drug test.

Even though most people search online for an answer on the question “can you pass a drug test in a week?,” you should know how the law works so that you can protect yourself before employer fires you due to the consumption of medical cannabis.

In other states, weed has become legal for recreational use, which means that you can consume it similarly as alcohol, but you will still be considered as impaired, and you cannot work or drive under the influence.

Since most employers are afraid of liabilities that could happen when they hire someone who abuses weed, they are conducting various types of drug screenings with an idea to maintain drug-free working environment based on company’s policy.

Drug Testing Laws

You should have in mind that under federal law, the consumption of cannabis is illegal, which means that employers can easily regulate working places and if someone has THC byproducts in urine, for instance, he can be fired.

On the other hand, in specific industries that are regulated by federal government regulations, conducting drug screenings as part of the hiring process and randomly is mandatory.

Remember that non-federally regulated employers do not have a mandatory requirement to conduct screenings. Therefore, you should check out local and state laws as well as governments that will create regulations that employers have to follow.

According to regulations, employers have legal rights to create the company’s policy about drugs with an idea to maintain an alcohol and drug-free working environment.

Therefore, they can quickly test both employees and applicants, but the employer has to provide drug-testing policy beforehand. You should learn more on employment drug screenings by clicking here for more information.

In some specific cases, employers will condition your offer of employment based on the results of screenings.

Have in mind that the employer has to state the policy in the job description so that everyone could see it as a written agreement that you have to follow as … Read More..