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How Social Media Can Affect Your Health

How Social Media Can Affect Your Health

Considering the amount of time a user on average spends on social networks, it may be hard to believe that social media is actually affecting your health. But in reality, it can make sense. Whatever you spend the majority of your time doing, it’s can have a major impact on your health. Whether it’s exercising, watching TV shows and even your day to day work. The real question is whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing. For the bad, there are ways you can help to reduce the harmful effects that it has.

How Does Social Media Impact Your Health?

Before we go into detail, it would be ideal to gauge a brief understanding of how social media can impact your health.

  • Addiction: Having social media addiction can have serious negative effects. This can include eye strain cause, withdrawal of social interaction and a lack of sleep.
  • Stress: The topic of social media may mean that interactions with people can result in arguments or further problems. This can cause stress and essentially cause health problems physically and negatively.
  • Emotional Connection: Regular interaction in social media can also have an influence with your social circle, creating new connections as well as keeping close with your existing connections.
  • Information: Gaining information through social media can have both positive and negative effects. Although there is a large amount of health information on social networks, not all of it is true. If you’re looking for health information, it’s important to gain them from reliable sources.

The points suggested above demonstrate that social media can be both positive and negative. Since it has such a large influence on modern life, it’s how you interpret social media individually which determines whether it is positive or negative.


It’s a known fact that being addicted to social media is a reality. It’s rare to find someone that doesn’t walk around with their smartphone and isn’t regularly checking their social media accounts such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Specifically, addiction to social media means the focus is taken away from your daily activities such as work and physical activity. This can have an effect both mentally and physically on yourself.

Emotional Connections

Having positive connections with people can have an influence on both your physical and mental health. Social media is predominantly used to pass time, share information and socialising. Whilst these are relatively neutral activities, some of these can also cause strong emotion.

Too much interaction with social networks can cause social isolation, which can affect the quality of life and also encourage a shorter life span. It’s good to have interaction with people on social media, but this should be balanced with face to face interaction also.

Physical Impact

How you use social media can also impact your physical health. This can be in several ways:

– Eye Strain

– Fatigue Due To Lack Of Sleep

– Not Enough Exercise

– Distraction

These aren’t necessarily direct causes of social media but … Read More..