The 9 Most Unanswered Questions about Filters

The 9 Most Unanswered Questions about Filters

Considerations in Selecting Air Compressor Filters

Choosing the best air compressor filters can be challenging because there are many types in the industry. Here are guideline that you can consider before choosing the air compressor filter. Get the basics of the machine you need. Once you have the reasons why you need the air compressor, write them down to easily remember them. This will help you in determining the size of the filter you require. Consider the pressure and the volume of the machinery you are buying the compressor for. Obviously, heavy duty machinery will require more pressure and thus a big air compressor filter. You will also consider the size of the air compressor filter. You may choose from the different sizes available.

Look for the various air compressors in the market. The the rotary screw and the reciprocating are the two types of air compressors. The most common is the reciprocating piston type. This is the best because it is easily available and its spare parts can be found quickly and at cheap price. Having the two types in mind and knowing their particulars will guide you in choosing the one you prefer. Have particular determinations. The specifics may range from the company that manufactured the air compressor to the horsepower of the compressor. Industrial uses require air compressor filters with higher horsepower. You will select the size of the horsepower that you need depending on your needs.

Consider the space you have and portability. You will need to determine if you will be able to roll the air compressor or lift it up if you need to move it to another location. Your work is easy when the compressor filter can be moved from one place to another. It will depend if it is for filling the tires or supplying air to the roof.
You will also consider the source of your power. The type of power source may be electricity or fuel. Find out whether there is consistence in electricity in the area you intend to place your air compressor filter. If that is not the case then you will choose an air compressor filter that uses fuel.

Ask how the maintenance of the air compressor is done. Some need oil lubrication while others do not. The air compressors that do not use lubricants are light than those that use lubricants. Failure to lubricate the air compressor will result to the joints wearing down. The compressors that are used in hospitals, laboratories and clean room operations which depend on fluid free air for critical processes do not use oil lubricants.

Consider whether the company that sells you the air compressor has any warranty periods or discount on the filter. The discounts the dealer gives may be free delivery of low price. The price should be good of the filter. By visiting several sellers, you can compare the prices the select one.

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