The Essentials of Clothes – 101

The Essentials of Clothes – 101

African Inspired clothing is the New Scene

If you are a fashion enthusiast then you should have observed that African fashion is quite relevant since 2011. In your everyday life, you may have noticed that the influence of African fashion has spread its reach. Hence, there are a lot of stores that have been exclusive on making clothes that are inspired from African traditional clothing like the Chiefs-wear. Read more now to find out why this piece of fashion has experienced this kind of exposure.

African fashion has a lot to thank social media for because this is where its stardom has begun. Social media has a played a role in increasing the long tail of African fashion by making it easy for it to be shared to people. By simply browsing through their feed, they can easily see a lot of shared pictures and videos about the rise of fashion pieces of African clothing.

The second main source of exposure is the celebrities. A few celebrities have been spotted wearing African traditional clothing like Chris Brown and Beyonce. As everyone is well aware of, celebrities are one of the most influential publicists hence it is only imperative that African clothing has been on the fashion trend.

With the rise of consciousness of the people in African issues, the interest in their traditions and culture was also developed by the people. The main focus of the people were stirred to their clothing.
The next culprit are the fashion enthusiasts who began to wear African clothing in the diaspora which in turn led to more appreciation and recognition. The more people are seen wearing these types of clothes, the more extensive African fashion’s reach is. In addition, word-of-mouth has become a great tool in this trend too.
African cinema or Nollywood is becoming well-known nowadays which means that African clothing and traditional fashion style is well exposed. A lot of short movie clips being produced in YouTube highlighting African cinema or Nollywood has brought much exposure to the way African people dress.
Western fashion has also started to incorporate African-inspired ideas. You could hardly see a runway model strutting on the aisle without seeing some African influence in her dress.

African art was also becoming more and more popular in the society and as such African fashion went after. Branches of art are very much interlinked so it was such a no-brainer when the fashion scene was explored after the rise of African art took place.

With all of elements combined, it is not a surprise that African fashion is such a scene-stealer in the fashion world today.

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