What I Can Teach You About Pregnancy

What I Can Teach You About Pregnancy

What to Look at to Determine if you are Pregnant

We all know how we came into this planet. For nine months we were in our mothers’ wombs. The gestation period is in itself a lengthy period of sacrifice. But through this, we found ourselves here. The question now becomes how our mothers found out they were pregnant. Are you wondering whether you may be pregnant? Pregnancy can be such a tricky and anxious thing especially if it is your first time. One may not fully understand what is happening from start to finish. To help you get a foothold, we have prepared this article to enlighten you on how to know if you are pregnant.

Here, we might insist on some pointers which you may have heard or not. One thing you want to think about keenly to know if you are pregnant is sex. The question of when you last engaged in intercourse becomes crucial. The other vital question that follows the sex question is if any form of protection was employed. These are vital questions to ask as they set the tempo for everything else that will follow. Pregnancy sets in when the fertilized egg is implanted, which occurs within 6 to 10 days of unprotected sex. Before proceeding forward, answer these questions.

Missed periods is another sign you need to look out for. Missed periods are among the first signs of pregnancy though they may be deceiving. It is unwise to use then missed periods as the basis of claiming to be pregnant. Missed periods could be due to several reasons related to other bodily or mental issues. Stress and the routine use of contraceptives may result in missed periods. It is then prudent to consult a medical expert with regard to this issue.

Nausea and vomiting is another key sign. This may be more conclusive since one experiences it roughly 21 days into conception. It is a sign that the level of hormones in the body is increasing in preparation for full-blown pregnancy. This sign is sometimes called morning sickness, but it does not mean necessarily it occurs in the morning, but can occur at any time. Common smells at this time may seem repulsive.

Taking a pregnancy test is the easiest and fastest way to know if you are pregnant. This will tell you what you want to know even at the convenience of your home. It is especially effective after one has had their period. If you take it earlier than this, it may give a negative result even when you are pregnant. One can purchase these test from drug stores and local mini-marts. For the purposes of caution; you should visit a medical practitioner and discuss the results with them.

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